love is a dog from hell (sampler)
the price   in a neighbourhood of murder   social   she came out of the bathroom  
quiet clean girls in gingham dresses ...  

charles bukowski 1920-1994
bibliography   about  
in a neighbourhood of murder
the roaches spit out
and the helicopter circles and circles
smelling for blood
searchlights leering down into our

5 guys in this court have pistols
another a
we are all murderers and
but there are worse in the hotel
across the street
they sit in the green and and white doorway
banal and depraved
waiting to be institutionalized

here we each have a small green plant
in the window
and when we fight with our women at 3 a.m.
we speak
and on each porch
is a small dish of food
always eaten by morning
we presume
by the